Posted by: pandionknight | June 26, 2012

Tyrwhitt Black Label

Recently I found this Black Label Charles Tyrwhitt formal shirt. This is the first Tyrwhitt shirt I have bought. It has alternating purple and sky blue stripes on white background, french double cuffs, gusseted hem with a long tail and removable metal collar bones.


The shirt is 100% Cotton and feels very comfortable to wear. Typically Black Label shirts retail at £70-£100. I picked this up for about 5% of that cost. It was bought at The British Heart Foundation shop in Maidstone High street ME14 1HJ


Posted by: pandionknight | June 25, 2012

Hello world!

Welcome to this blog on my experiences in charity shopping.  I’m fairly new to shopping this way as I’ve only been doing it for a couple of years. It is habit forming and can be very rewarding. Through this blog I intend to;

  • share what I’ve learned,
  • share news of the bargains I find,
  • give useful tips,
  • map out good charity shops.

This feels like a bold step for me, putting myself and my wardrobe out there for all to see and comment on. And comment they have over the past months. Here’s my chance to speak up about why I like to shop this way and wear what I do. Treat me gently…